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  • Connie Talbot the little girl how made Britain's Got Talent no longer a question but a statement in 2007
    Connie Talbot's first performing on stage
    The Wizzard Of Oz now as musical in the Netherlands (oct 2013)
    The audition of Connie and the other live performens of the song Somwhere Over The Rainbow is the most watched song with one singer and one song in the history of television worldwifde. Connie talbot is the inspiration for all singers in the world. And now she inpired the makers of this musical in the Netherlands.
    Connie arives in Taiwan 18 dec 2012. Press, Fans and dragoens waiting on the airport.
    Connie Talbot makes Rice Balls on Nagoo TV Taiwan 20 dec 2012
    Connie Talbot - Doin't drop the rice ball Pop Sender Nagoo TV Taiwan 20 dec 2012
    Connie Talbot arives in front Camera's and Press at Pop Sender Nagoo TV Taiwan 20 dec 2012
    Connie Talbot Full Press Conference Nagoo TV Taiwan 20 dec 2012
    Connie Talbot on Pop Sender Nagoo TV Tiawan 20 dec 2012
    Connie Talbot interviewed at Pop Sender Nagoo TV Taiwan 20 dec 2012
    Connie Talbot - ChinaNews360 20 dec 2012
    Connie Talbot sings acapella Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Connie Talbot Audition The Full Story Read This First. Watch how Connie Simon Cowells life saved as person and music mogul.
    Connie makes from Britians Got Tallent not longer a question, but a statement.
    This video of Connies audition is a longer version in wide-screen and better of quality. You can see more details and more around the audition of Connie.
    This video is a must for the real fans of Connie
    857frank write about this version:
    Connie was a ray of sunshine, sanity in the madness. Other kids were buzzed
    so it was talent not her age. Good to capture the whole atmosphere in such quality.
    Connie Talbot News
    Recent TV Interview
    Het Beste Van Got Talent Worldwide The Best Of Got Talent Worldwide
    Soncontest with Connie;s name in Taiwan China
    Xu Jie from Taiwan and Taiwan music cattle, man, 11 years old, can be described as a small bel canto tenor. Was awarded the "Diamond Club" program champion. Children singing contest held in Taiwan "looking for little Connie" Champion. Taiwanese aborigines, Paiwan, 11-year-old show amazing talent, so that all listeners wonder "Angels" to mimic the sound similarity of 95% is the most similar to Leong and Angela wiped all of Taiwan variety shows, Fish. and Angela Leong imitate sounds the most similar. Has just released his first solo album, talented, Teana rhyme released.
    音乐牛人徐杰来自宝岛台湾,男,11岁,可谓是美声小歌王。曾获得《钻石夜总会》节目的冠军。台湾举办儿童歌唱大赛《寻找小康妮》冠军。台湾原住民,排湾族人,11岁展示出惊人天分,令所有听众为之惊叹"天籁" 其声音模仿相似度95% 以梁静茹和张韶涵最为相似。横扫台湾所有综艺节目,模仿梁静茹和张韶涵声音最为相似。刚刚发行了自己第一张个人专辑,天赋异禀,天籁声韵。
    Over the Rainbow CD/Dvd 2007
    Over The Rainbow New Edition CD/DVD 2008
    Winter Miracle CD 2008
    Christmas Album CD/DVD 2008
    Christmas Album-Special Edition CD 2009
    Christmas Magic CD 2009
    Connie Talbot's Holiday Magic CD 2009
    Connie Talbot's Holiday Magic DVD 2009
    Beautiful World CD/DVD 2012
    Beautiful World luxe edition 2012
    Three Little Birds 2008 also nr 1 US Bilboard Hot 100
    I Will Always Love You 2008 also nr 3 US Bilboard Hot 100s
    Sail Away (2012
    Happy Song (2012)
    Beautiful World 2012
    Let's Get alone 2013
    Nintendo Wii - Over The Rainbow - Connie's eigen Wii Game als derde in de wereld achter The Beatles en ColdPlay. 2009
    PlayStation RAIN 2013 - A Tale Only The Rain Knows (een verhaal dat alleen de regen weet)
    Connie was door Sony Entertainment benaderd om het gezongen gedeelte te verzorgen..
    Een paar van Connie's recente optredens
    5 / 6 / 7 en 8 dec 2013 02 Arena Dublin Ierland
    11 dec.2013 Royal Albert Hall Engeland
    13 dec 2013 TV-Show in
    We celebrate 10 years of BGT with some familiar faces | Grand Final | Britain’s Got Talent 2016 And here the little girl how made BGT no longer a question but a statement in 2007

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