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    A round up of all the best videos featured on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel in 2017
    Most stairs climbed while balancing a person on the head
    Most skips by a person and a dog
    Largest tire mark image
    Largest collection of hamburger related items
    Forensic artist helps catch over 1,000 criminals
    Dog with the longest tail:
    Fastest side wheelie lap of the Nurburgring
    Farthest distance to throw a washing machine
    Largest Taekwondo display
    Largest horn span on a goat
    Most deathtruck spins in one minute
    Most eggs in cups blown upside down in one minute
    Most full body revolutions maintaining a chest stand
    Most birthday candles lit with the feet in one minute
    Most finger snaps in one minute
    First robot table tennis tutor
    Breakdance record attempts with ASHITAKA
    Most burgers eaten in one minute
    Longest time to spray water from the mouth
    Largest wave surfed
    Most martial arts sword cuts in one minute (rush straw)
    Longest duration restraining four motorbikes
    Most watched animal on YouTube
    Most dominoes toppled in a circle
    Most double dutch-style skips in 30 seconds
    Largest collection of Hello Kitty memorabilia
    Fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog
    Most selfies taken in three minutes
    Jump shot tutorial
    Longest time spinning a basketball on a guitar
    Most slam dunks with a trampoline by a team in one minute
    Most “Around The World” ball control tricks in one minute (male)
    Most green coconuts smashed with the head in one minute
    Longest skipping rope
    Most bum skips in one minute
    Most matches extinguished on the tongue in one minute
    Most baseball bats broken with the shins in one minute
    Most Bhut Jolokia chilies eaten in 2 minutes
    Highest catch of a rotating basketball on the finger
    Longest time spinning a basketball on a toothbrush
    Most skips over a single rope in one minute by a team
    Most “Around The World” ball control tricks in one minute (male)
    Fastest piano key hitting
    Largest Kaikottikali dance
    Most consecutive football touches with the shoulders
    Fastest time to walk 10m on glass bottles
    Most powdered mini donuts eaten in three minutes
    Most drinks cans crushed by hand while holding an egg in 30 seconds
    Most one-handed claps in one minute
    Peggy Whitson interview
    Most consecutive one handed backflips
    Most push ups in 1 hour
    Furthest barrel roll in a production vehicle
    Most robots dancing simultaneously
    Most basketball bounces in one minute
    Fastest time to break 16 concrete blocks on the body (male)
    Most dominoes toppled underwater
    Most pull ups in one minute
    Most ropes skipped
    Most consecutive cars jumped over on a pogo stick
    Guinness World Records 2018 Annual
    Most slam dunks in one minute by a rabbit
    Tallest High Top Fade
    Most consecutive backflips on a Korean plank
    Largest collection of Teddy Bears
    Tallest cat & Longest tail on a cat
    Longest legs (female)
    Largest Game Boy
    Longest finger nails (female)
    Donkey Kong high score
    Oldest competitive body builder
    Highest jump on a pogo stick
    Largest M&M’s mosaic
    Longest tongue on a dog
    Fastest towed speed on skis
    Most balloons blown up in one hour
    Most walnuts crushed by hand in one minute
    Most twisting backflips off a wall in one minute
    Largest gathering of people dressed as Wally/Waldo
    Sonic Fox
    Fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine
    Most eye to eye football rolls in one minute
    Fastest time to travel 20m in a contortion roll
    Largest collection of X-Men memorabilia
    Most skips in one minute by a jumping robot
    Largest pram
    Largest sticker ball
    Largest hula hoop spun
    Largest mechanical wings on a cosplay costume
    First prosthetic arm based on a video game
    Most behind the back frisbee catches in one minute
    Tallest Star Wars cosplay
    Largest Balloon Costume
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